H флеш шаблоны для facebook

FlashComponent’s __call() and set() methods optionally take a second parameter, an array of options: key Defaults to ‘flash’. The array key found under the Flash key in the session. element Defaults to null, but will automatically be set when using the __call() magic method. Flash Slide show Maker will save the Flash picture slideshows to the Output Folder on your hard disk. A basic theme template on the Windows slideshow maker will create a standable SWF file with photos and background music if any combined. You can send the output Flash photo gallery to your friends through email, embed to your blogs and upload to your own websites, etc. Signing Reminder – the reverse of each card contains a diagram of the sign, with the starting position and the ending position for the sign along with arrows showing the motion. The Options button will pull up a new window that gives you the export settings. Be sure to select Custom and then click on Format Options.

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